SPM Form 4/Form 5 Science Notes, Questions and Videos

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03 Heredity and Variation

  1. Cell Division
    1. Mitosis
    2. Meiosis
    3. Comparison between Meiosis and Mitosis
  2. Principles and Mechanism of Inheritance
    1. Dominant Genes and Recessive Genes
    2. Mendel’s Experiment of Inheritance
  3. Sex Determination and the Occurrence of Twins in Human Beings
    1. Sex Chromosomes
    2. Sex Determination
    3. Occurrence of Twins
  4. Mutation
    1. Gene Mutations
    2. Chromosome Mutation
  5. Effects of Genetic Research on Human Life
  6. Variation Among Living Things
    1. Continuous Variation
    2. Discontinuous Variation
  7. The Need to Adhere to a Code of Ethics in Genetic Research

05 Energy and Chemical Changes

  1. Physical and Chemical Changes
  2. Heat Change in Chemical Reactions
  3. Reactivity Series of Metals
    1. Reactivity of Metals with Water
    2. Reactivity of Metals with Acid
    3. Reactivity of Metals with Oxygen
    4. Reactivity Series of Metals
    5. Position of Carbon in Reactivity Series of Metals
  4. Application of the Concepts of Reactivity Series of Metals
    1. Reactivity Series and Extraction of Metals
    2. Extraction of Metals from their Ores Using Coke
  5. Electrolysis
    1. Electrolysis of Copper (II) Chloride Solution
    2. Electrolysis of Molten Lead (II) Bromide
    3. Uses of Electrolysis in Industry
      1. Extraction of Metals
      2. Purification of Metals
      3. Electroplating of Metals
  6. Production of Electrical Energy from Chemical Reactions
  7. Chemical Reactions that Occur in the Presence of Light
  8. Uses of Chemical Reactions as Sources of Energy

07 Light, Colour and Sight

  1. The Formation of Images by Plane Mirrors and Lenses
  2. The Addition and Subtraction of Coloured Lights | Part 1 | Part 2
  1. Formation of Images
    1. Formation of Images by Plane Mirrors
    2. Formation of Images by Lenses
  2. Formation of Image by Optical Instruments
  3. Light Dispersion
    1. Formation of Rainbow
  4. Light Scattering
  5. Addition and Subtraction of Coloured Lights
    1. Addition of Coloured Lights
    2. Subtraction of Coloured Lights
  6. Principle of Subtraction of Coloured Lights to Explain the Appearance of Coloured Objects
  7. Effects of Mixing Pigments
  8. Importance of Colour in Daily Life
  9. Benefits of Various Types of Optical Instruments

08 Chemicals in Industry

  1. Properties of Alloys and Their Uses in Industry | Part 1 | Part 2
  1. Properties of Alloys and Their Uses in Industry
    1. Alloying Changes the Properties of Metals
    2. Uses of Alloys and Their Importance in Industry
    3. Superconductor Alloys
  2. Uses and Production of Ammonia in Industry
  3. Effects of Industrial Waste Disposal on the Environment
  4. The Need for Preservation and Conservation of the Environment from Industrial Waste Pollution


01 Microorganism and Their Effects on Living Things

  1. Factors that Affect the Growth of Microorganisms | Bhg 1 | Bhg 2
  2. Useful Microorganisms

1.1 Classifications of Microorganism
1.1.1 Bacteria
1.1.2 Fungi
1.2.3 Protozoa
1.1.4 Viruses
1.1.5 Algae
1.2 Factors That Affect the Growth of Microorganisms
1.3 Useful Microorganisms
1.4 Harmful Microorganisms
1.4.1 Diseases Caused by Microorganisms
1.4.2 Diseases Caused by Bacteria
1.4.3 Diseases Caused by Viruses
1.4.5 Diseases Caused by Fungi
1.4.6 Diseases Caused by Protozoa
1.5 Which Microorganisms Cause Infections
1.6 Ways to Prevent Infection Caused by Microorganisms
1.6.1 Control of Vectors
1.6.2 Sterilizations
1.6.3 Immunizations
1.7 Treating Diseases Caused by Microorganisms
1.8 Effects of Microorganisms on Humans And The Balance of Nature

07 Synthetic Materials in Industry

08 Electronic and Information and Communication (ICT)

  1. Radio Waves
  2. Radio Communication
  3. Satellite Communication