(B) Types of Radiation

(B) Types of Radiation
3 types of radioactive radiation might be released from a nucleus during a radioactive decay, namely
a.   Alpha radiation
b.   Beta radiation
c.   Gamma radiation

Type of radioactive radiation
Alpha particles
Beta particles
Gamma rays
Type of particle
Nuclei of helium
High speed electrons
Electromagnetic waves
Type of charge
Positive (+)
Negative (–)
Penetrating power
Low, can be blocked by a sheet of paper or a cardboard
High, can be blocked by a thin aluminium plate
Highest, can only be blocked by a thick lead or a thick concrete
Move slowly
Move very quickly
Moves at the speed of light
Deflection in magnetic field
Can be deflected
Can be deflected
Not deflected
Deflection in electric field
Attracted by negative charges
Attracted by positive charges
Not affected by electric charges

Penetrating Power

Deflection in Electric Field

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