5.9.4 Electrolysis (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows the setting up of apparatus in an experiment.
(a) Name the process in Diagram 1.
(b)(i) Name metal Q.
 (ii) What happens to metal Q during the process in Diagram 1?
(c) Which metal functions as the cathode?
(d)(i) What will happen to the iron key at the end of the experiment?
 (ii) State one method to get a good result in (d)(i)

(a) Electroplating

(b)(i) Copper
(b)(ii) Metal Q dissolves in the copper(II) sulphate solution to form copper ions and becomes thinner.

(c) Iron key.

(d)(i) The surface of the iron key will be coated with a brown layer of copper.
(d)(ii) The surface of the metal to be plated must be cleaned with sandpaper before electrolysis begins.

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