SPM Science 2018, Paper 2 (Question 5 & 6)

Question 5:
Diagram 5 shows a schematic diagram for the inheritance of mice’s fur colour.

Diagram 5

(a) In Diagram 5, complete the genotype of parent R and offspring S. [2 marks]

(b) Name process A. [1 mark]

(c) Based on Diagram 5, state the ratio of black fur mice to white fur mice. [1 mark]

(d) Match the following terms with their correct definition. [2 marks]

R : Hh
S : Hh


2 : 2

Dominant gene = Gene that shows its effect even with the presence of opposite traits gene.
Genotype = Genetic composition of an organism

Question 6:
Diagram 6 shows the cross section of an oil palm fruit.
Diagram 6

(a) Based on Diagram 6, state the part that contains oil with the highest quality. [1 mark]

(b) Complete the flow chart of extraction process of palm oil. [2 marks]

(c) There are several types of cooking oil in the market.
Give three reasons why you should use palm oil as your cooking oil. [3 marks]

(a) Kernel


1. Does not contain cholesterol
2. Contain beta-carotene
3. Can prevent cancer

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