6.3.1 The Methods and Substances Used in Food Technology (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows foods that have been processed through three different methods.

(a) Write down the food processing methods, P, Q and R, in Diagram 1.
(b) What happens to the water content in the food that has been processed through method P?
(c) The food is heated at 121 oC during the process in method Q.
What is the purpose of the heating?
(d) Fresh milk is heated for 30 minutes in method R.
What is the temperature used?

P: Dehydration
Q: Canning
R: Pasteurisation

Water is removed from the food.

To kill the microorganisms in the food.

63 oC

Question 2:
Diagram 2.1 shows a food label of fruit juice that has been processed through a method of food processing according to the Food Regulations 1985.

Diagram 2.1

(a) Name the preservative added into the fruit juice in Diagram 2.1.

(b) What information is not shown on the food label in Diagram 2.1 as required by the Food Regulations 1985?

(c) Name the food processing method in Diagram 2.1.

(d) Besides fruit juice, state another drink that can be processed by the method in 2(c).

(e) Based on Diagram 2.2, state the temperature and heating duration during the food processing method in 2(c).

Diagram 2.2

(a) Benzoic acid.

Net weight / Volume of liquid.


(d) Milk

Temperature: 63 oC
Heating duration: 30 minutes
Temperature: 72 oC
Heating duration: 15 seconds

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