Summative Practice 7 (Question 1) – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 7

Question 1:
Figure 1 shows the human endocrine system.

(a) State the gland that is the master gland in the human endocrine system.

(b)(i) Name the hormone secreted by gland Q.

(b)(ii) State the effect on humans if the hormone in question 1(b)(i) is not adequately secreted into the body.

(c)(i) Name gland R.
(c)(ii) State the hormone secreted by gland R.
(c)(iii) How can the failure of gland R cause a person to have diabetes mellitus

(d) Name the hormone secreted by gland S.

P – Pituitary gland


• Low metabolic rate
• Stunted mental and physical development in children (cretinism)
• Lack of energy in adults (myxedema)
• Tend to be obese
• Have goitre



• Less insulin hormone is secreted
• Blood glucose is not able to be converted to glycogen.
• This causes the blood glucose level to rise.

(d) Testosterone hormone

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