Summative Practice 7 (Question 2 – 5) – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 7

Question 2:
Figure 2 shows a part of the endocrine system of a woman.

(a)(i) Name the hormones produced by gland Y.

(a)(ii) State one function for each hormone that is stated in question 2(a)(i).

(b) Although gland Y exists since birth, the gland is inactive. When will gland Y become active?

(c)(i) Name the endocrine gland for man that is also inactive during birth.

(c)(ii) Explain the function of the hormone that is secreted by the gland that you have stated in question 2(c)(i).

Oestrogen, progesterone

1. Promotes the development of female secondary sexual characteristics

2. Prepares the uterus for implantation of embryo

After puberty


Controls the development of male secondary sexual characteristics such as enlargement of the voice box and hair growth on their face.

Question 3:
Drinking coffee excessively is not good for health. Explain the reason.

Coffee contains caffeine which is dangerous if taken excessively.

Question 4:
A woman who is pregnant is found to be an alcoholic.

What will happen to the foetus in the uterus?

Alcohol that enters the foetus through the placenta can cause various disorders to the foetus such as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The foetus may experience disabilities or abnormal formation of the face along with various other disabilities, growth failure and disruption of the function or structure of the central nervous system

Question 5:
Your friend told you that she feels stressed because of family problems.

As a friend, what can you do to help her?

Advise her to speak to the counselling teacher.

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