Formative Practice 6.3 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 6

Question 1:Why do plants require support? Answer:To stand upright to get sunlight. Question 2:What is the difference between the support of the terrestrial and the aquatic plants? Explain. Answer:Woody plants have woody stems and roots such as buttress roots, prop roots and stilt roots. Non-woody plants have support from cell turgidity, tendrils and clasping roots. … Read more

Formative Practice 6.2 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 6

Question 1:State two parameters that can be used to measure the human growth rate. Answer:Two parameters used to measure human growth rate:• mass• height Question 2:Explain the shape of the growth curve for males and females. Answer:The male growth rate is different from the female growth rate.From infant stage to childhood: Growth is the same.At … Read more

Formative Practice 6.1 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 6

Question 1:State the importance of a support system. Answer:Support system is important to ensure that animals are able to move smoothly and efficiently. Question 2:Explain the meaning of exoskeleton, endoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton. Answer:The exoskeleton is a frame made of waxy chitin or shell. The endoskeleton is a skeleton made up of bones or cartilages. … Read more