Formative Practice 6.2 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 6

Question 1:
State two parameters that can be used to measure the human growth rate.

Two parameters used to measure human growth rate:
• mass
• height

Question 2:
Explain the shape of the growth curve for males and females.

The male growth rate is different from the female growth rate.
From infant stage to childhood: Growth is the same.
At 4 years old: Males grow more rapidly
At 12 – 14 years old: Females grow more rapidly.
After 14 years old: Males grow more rapidly.

Question 3:
Describe briefly the effect of diet on growth rate.

Diet affects an individual’s growth. A balanced diet provides sufficient nutrients for cell growth and cell division.

Question 4:
How can the growth rate be measured?

Growth rate can be measured using a height or body mass parameter. The graph of height or body mass against time can be plotted to observe the growth rate.

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