SPM Science 2017, Paper 2 (Question 3)

Question 3:
A student carried out a study to determine the effect of phosphorus on the growth of orchid plants. The student used aerophonic method, by spraying different fertilisers’ solution on orchid plant P and Q twice a week.
Diagram 3 shows the result after two months.

Diagram 3

(a) Based on your observation, state one difference between orchid plant P and Q. [1 mark]

(b) In your opinion, what type of fertiliser is used on orchid plant P and Q? [2 marks]

(c) State one hypothesis for this study. [1 mark]

(d) Predict what will happen to the orchid plant P if the student replaced the fertiliser solution with tap water for three months. [1 mark]

Orchid plant P has more/ longer roots.

Orchid P: Fertilisers with phosphorus
Orchid Q: Fertilisers without phosphorus

Orchid plants need phosphorus for healthy growth/ more or longer roots/ big flower.

Orchid plant P growth stunted.

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