SPM Science 2017, Paper 2 (Question 2)

Question 2:
Diagram 2 shows an experiment to study the effect of light on the growth of bacteria.
Diagram 2

The condition of the nutrient broth in test tube P and Q is observed after three days.
The result of this experiment is recorded in Table 2.

Table 2

State one observation on the nutrient broth which has been kept in the black box for three days. [1 mark]

State one inference for this experiment. [1 mark]

State the variables in this experiment. [2 marks]
(i) Manipulated variable
(ii) Responding variable

Based on this experiment, state the operational definition of bacteria. [1 mark]

Condition of nutrient broth is cloudy.

The bacteria grow actively in dark condition.

Presence of light

Condition of nutrient broth

Bacteria is a microorganism that caused the condition of nutrient broth turns cloudy.

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