Summative Practice (Question 3 & 4) – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 5

Question 3:
Figure 3 shows a cross section of an oil palm fruit.

(a) Name the parts labelled X, Y and Z.
(b) Name the type of oil extracted from parts X and Y.
(c) Complete the flow chart for the extraction process of palm oil.

(d) Give three reasons why palm oil is suitable as cooking oil.

X: Pulp
Y: Kernel
Z: Shell

X: Palm oil
Y: Palm kernel oil

(c)(i) Sterilisation
(c)(ii) Digestion
(c)(iii) Filtration

1. Does not contain cholesterol
2. Contains vitamin E
3. Contains carotene

Question 4:
Assume that you are tasked to build a new palm oil mill which operates based on zero waste concept.

Build a graphic organiser to show how zero waste concept is applied in the oil palm industry such as the conversion of oil palm waste into oil palm biomass.


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