Summative Practice (Question 1 & 2) – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 5

Question 1:
Figure 1 shows an experiment to study the preparation of a type of carbon compound.

(a) Name the process in Figure 1.
(b) What type of carbon compound is prepared?
(c) State your observation of the limewater.
(d) State the inference for your answer in 1(c).

(a) Fermentation

(b) Organic carbon compound

(c) Limewater turns cloudy

(d) Carbon dioxide is released in the reaction between sugar and yeast.

Question 2:
Figure 2 shows a cross section of an artery blocked by substance P which causes the lumen of the artery to become narrow and disrupts or blocks blood flow.

(a) Name the condition.
(b) Name substance P.
(c) What class of food causes blocked arteries?
(d) Suggest two ways to avoid blocked arteries.

(a) Atherosclerosis

(b) Cholesterol

(c) Saturated fats

1. Reduce the intake of fatty food

2. Eat unsaturated fats which can reduce the level of cholesterol in blood
(any suitable answer)

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