SPM Science Form 4/Form 5 Revision Notes

Form 4 01 Scientific Investigation Method of Scientific Investigation Scientific Attitudes and Noble Values in the Scientific Investigation Method 02 Body Coordination Body Coordination Human Nervous System Neurone Types of Neurones Nervous Coordination Proprioceptors in Maintaining Balance and Body Coordination The Human Brain and Its Complexity Voluntary Actions and Involuntary Actions Hormonal Coordination in the … Read more

SPM Form 4 Science – Exercises

02 Body Coordination Human Nervous System (7 Questions) Nervous Coordination and Proprioceptor (6 Questions) The Human Brain (4 Questions) Hormonal Coordination (7 Questions) Drugs and Alcohol (3 Questions) 03 Heredity and Variation Cell Division 1 (5 Questions) Cell Division 2 (5 Questions) Inheritance (3 Questions) Sex Determination (4 Questions) Mutation (4 Questions) Variation Among Living … Read more