5.7.4 The Motion of Vehicles in the Air (Structured Questions)

Question 1:Diagram 1 shows an experiment to study Bernoulli‚Äôs Principle.(a)(i) State one observation of the water level in Diagram 1. [1 mark](ii) State one inference that can be made based on the observation in (a)(i). [1 mark](b) State the responding variable in this experiment. [1 mark](c) Based on this experiment, state the operational definition for … Read more

5.7.1 The Concept of Momentum (Structured Questions)

Question 1:Diagram 1.1 and Diagram 1.2 show an experiment to study the collision between trolleys of different masses with a plasticine block.Both trolleys move with the same velocity.(a) State the variables in this experiment.(i) Manipulated variable [1 mark](ii) Responding variable [1 mark](b)(i) What can you observe about the plasticine block after the collision? [1 mark](ii) … Read more