Formative Practice 11.2 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 11

Question 1:What is represented by the gradient of the graph in the displacement-time graph? Answer:Velocity Question 2:What is represented by the area under the graph in the velocity-time graph? Answer:Displacement Question 3:A toy car moves down a smooth runway and then moves over a rough flat surface until it stops. Sketch the velocity-time graph which … Read more

Formative Practice 11.1 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 11

Question 1:State the meaning of the following terms:(a) Distance (b) Displacement (c) Velocity (d) Acceleration Answer:(a) Distance: Total length of path travelled by an object(b) Displacement: Distance of the shortest path that connects two locations in a certain direction.(c) Velocity: Rate of change of displacement(d) Acceleration: Rate of change of velocity Question 2:The figure shows … Read more