Formative Practice 8.1 – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 8

Question 1:State Pascal’s principle. Answer:Pascal’s principle states that the transmission of pressure exerted on a fluid (liquid or gas) in an enclosed system is uniform throughout the fluid and in all directions. Question 2:State the basic principle of the hydraulic system. Answer:The basic principle in a hydraulic system is the transmission of pressure in all … Read more

Pressure in Fluids – Part 1 (Structured Questions)

Question 1:Diagram 1 shows an experiment to study Bernoulli’s Principle.(a)(i) State one observation of the water level in Diagram 1. [1 mark](ii) State one inference that can be made based on the observation in (a)(i). [1 mark](b) State the responding variable in this experiment. [1 mark](c) Based on this experiment, state the operational definition for … Read more