SPM Science 2019, Paper 2 (Question 6)

Question 6:
Diagram 5 shows a man releases a bowling ball. The bowling ball hits the pins at certain velocity.

Diagram 5

(a) Based on Diagram 5, calculate the momentum of the bowling ball. [1 mark]
[Momentum = Mass x Velocity]
……………………….. kg ms-1

What should the man do to increase the momentum of the bowling ball? [1 mark]

(c) Write in the space provided, either the principle of conservation of momentum or inertia involved in the following situations. [2 marks]

(d) The death rate due to road accidents in Malaysia increases every year. Most of the road accidents are caused by the drivers who drove over the speed limit. Explain the above statement by using the concept of momentum. [2 marks]

Momentum = 5 kg x 7 m s-1
                    = 35 kg m s-1

(b) Throw the bowling ball with a higher velocity. 


When the speed increases, the momentum of the cars also increases. In an accident, the time for the momentum to change is short. Hence, the force that acts on the car is large and causes serious damage.

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