SPM Science 2019, Paper 2 (Question 2)

Question 2:
Diagram 2 shows the histogram of the data of mass for 30 students in a school. The heights of the students are 1.55 m.

Diagram 2

(a)(i) State the number of students which have mass range of 71 kg to 80 kg. [1 mark]
(ii) State one reason that causes the students in 2(a)(i) fall in that range? [1 mark]

(b) What is the type of variation shown by the graph in Diagram 2? [1 mark]

(c) State two characteristics of the type of variation based on your answer in 2(b). [2 marks]

(a)(i) 5

(a)(ii) Their mass is the highest and they are obese.

(b) Continuous variation

– Characteristics that do not show distinct differences in each group
– Characteristics that can be measured across a complete range

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