SPM Science 2018, Paper 2 (Question 7)

Question 7:
Diagram 7 shows a menu of Andrew’s breakfast.

Diagram 7

(a) Name the class of food for milk. [1 mark]

Table 2 shows the calorific value for three types of food.

Table 2

(b) Andrew took 250 g of bread, 200 g of milk and 100 g of orange.
Calculate his total calories intake for breakfast. [1 mark]

(c) Andrew is 15 years old, while his sister Amy is 25 years old.
Who requires a higher amount of calories daily?
Explain your answer. [2 marks]

(d) Amy did not take seafood in her diet for a long period of time.
(i) What is the health problem that she may suffer?
(ii) Explain your answer in 7(d)(i). [2 marks]

(a) Class of food for milk is Protein.

Calorific value of bread = 250 × 9.4 = 2350 kJ
Calorific value of milk = 200 × 13.7 = 2740 kJ
Calorific value of orange = 100 × 1.5 = 150 kJ
Total calories intake of breakfast for Andrew = 5240 kJ

Andrew requires a higher amount of calories daily.
Boys need more calories than girls.

(d)(i) Goitre

Lack of iodine

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