SPM Science 2017, Paper 2 (Question 6)

Question 6:
Diagram 6.1 and Diagram 6.2 show food labels found on two different brands of chilli sauce.

Diagram 6.1 

Diagram 6.2

(a) Based on Diagram 6.1 and Diagram 6.2,
(i) Which food label follows the Food Regulations 1985?
(ii) Give one reason for your answer in 6(a)(i). [2 marks]

(b)(i) Which substance is used as preservative in brand W chilli sauce?
(ii) State one function of the preservative in 6(b)(i). [2 marks]

(c) Both brands use artificial colouring in their product.
Do you agree with the use of artificial colouring in food?
Justify your answer. [2 marks]

Chilli sauce brand V

Has expiry date.

Vinegar/ Sodium benzoate

Prevent growth of bacteria

– Make food more attractive
– Cause cancer/ Damage kidney

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