Summative Practice (Question 1 & 2) – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 9

Question 1:
Figure 1 shows an example of the orbit for satellite X which has an orbital period of 12 hours.

(a) Based on Figure 1, name the type of satellite X.

(b) Give one example of application of satellite X.

(a) GPS satellite

(b) For navigational purposes

Question 2:
(a) State three features of a GPS satellite.

(b) Give one example of a device which contains a GPS receiver.

(c) Name one use of GPS in daily life.

(d) Give two examples of navigational application which use GPS satellite.

• GPS satellite is a communication satellite

• Orbital height for a GPS satellite is 20 000 km

• Orbital period for a GPS satellite is 12 hours


Navigational purposes
(any suitable answer)

Google Maps, Waze

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