Summative Practice – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 7

Question 1:
Draw ray diagrams which describe the following characteristics of lenses:
(a) convex lens as a converging lens

(b) concave lens as a diverging lens



Question 2:
Figure 1 shows an object placed in front of a convex lens at a distance less than the focal length, ƒ.

(a) Draw a ray diagram in Figure 1 to determine the image formed by the convex lens.

(b) State the characteristics of the image formed by the convex lens in Figure 1.


(b) Virtual, upright, magnified

Question 3:
(a) Why do smartphones have several cameras?

(b) A student carried out an experiment to form a virtual image using a convex lens. Explain how the student formed the virtual image based on the apparatus set-up in Figure 2.
Figure 2

(i) Write the problem statement.

(ii) State the position of the object (at P, Q or R).

(iii) Using an arrow (↑) as the object, draw a ray diagram to show the formation and position of the image. Complete Figure 2 to obtain your answer.

(iv) State two other characteristics of the image formed in 3(b)(iii).

(a) To produce images of different sizes using camera lenses of different focal lengths

(b)(i) Where is the position of the object so that a virtual image is formed?

(b)(ii) R


Upright, magnified

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