Formative Practice 7.1 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 7

Question 1:
Name the type of lens found in the human eye.

Convex lens

Question 2:
Figure 1 shows two types of lenses.

(a) Name the following types of lenses:
(i) Lens X
(ii) Lens Y

(b)(i) Which lens functions as a diverging lens?
(b)(ii) Which lens functions as a converging lens?

(c) Mark the focal point of lenses X and Y with the letter F.

(a)(i) Lens X: Concave lens/ Diverging lens

(a)(ii) Lens Y: Convex lens/ Converging lens

(b)(i) Lens X

(b)(ii) Lens Y


Question 3:
How is the convex lens used as a magnifying glass?

Object is placed between focal point, F, and optical centre.

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