Formative Practice 5.3 – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 5

Question 1:
What is alcohol?

Alcohol is an organic carbon compound which contains the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Question 2:
How is alcohol prepared?

Alcohol can be prepared through the process of fermentation using the action of yeast on food containing glucose or starch such as sugar, grapes, apples, sugarcane, rice, flour, potato and barley.

Question 3:
What is the purpose of distillation in the process of alcohol preparation through glucose fermentation?

To separate ethanol from the mixture of glucose fermentation products

Question 4:
State two uses of alcohol in daily life.

Solvent for organic substances, antiseptic

Question 5:
Why is drunk driving caused by the excessive intake of alcohol a serious traffic offence?

• Causes road accidents
• Causes death
• Endangers other road users

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