Formative Practice 4.3 – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 4

Question 1:
(a) Name one life process in the human body which involves the concept of rate of reaction.

(b) How does the application of rate of reaction influence the life process in question 1(a)?

Digestion of food

Rate of reaction in the digestion of food is increased with the presence of enzyme as a catalyst.

Question 2:
State the factors which influence the rate of reaction in the following processes:
(a) Haber Process
(b) Contact Process

Haber Process
Temperature : 450°C – 550°C
Pressure : 200 atm
Catalyst : Iron filings

Contact Process
Temperature : 450°C
Pressure : 1 atm
Catalyst : Vanadium(V) oxide

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