Formative Practice 2.5 – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 2

Question 1:
What is food processing?

Food processing is a way of changing raw food substances in the natural form to food substances in another form.

Question 2:
State four purposes of processing food.

Purposes of processing food are as follows:
• so that it is edible
• lasts longer
• tastes better
• more nutritious
• more attractive
(any four)

Question 3:
Name four methods of food processing.

Cooking, fermentation, dehydration/drying, pasteurisation, canning, freezing, irradiation, vacuum packaging
(any four)

Question 4:
Name the chemical substances used in processing the following food:
(a) turmeric rice
(b) chilli sauce
(c) white rice

(a) Colouring

(b) Stabiliser

(c) Bleach

Question 5:
What is the use of activated carbon in the preparation of palm oil as cooking oil?

To bleach the original colour of palm oil.

Question 6:
Figure 1 shows a method of food processing.

Figure 1

(a) Name the food processing method.
(b) Give two other examples of food that also use this food processing method for export purposes.
(c) Give one reason for using this method of food processing.

(a) Vacuum packaging

(b) Salted fish, shrimp paste (belacan)

(c) To prevent the strong smell of the food from being released into the air

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