Summative Practice 1 (Question 4) – Form 5 Science (KSSM) Chapter 1

Question 4:
By using the apparatus set-up in Figure 4, suggest five different ways to measure the rate of carbon dioxide production from the action of yeast in sugar solutions at different temperatures.

Apparatus set-up X
Method 1: Observe and compare the volume of carbon dioxide collected in the balloon.

Apparatus set-up Y
Method 2: Observe and compare the thickness of the layer of carbon dioxide foam, X, on the surface of the mixture of yeast and sugar solution.

Method 3: Observe and count the number of gas bubbles released in the test tube per minute.
Method 4: Observe and measure the time taken for the limewater to turn cloudy.

Apparatus set-up Z
Method 5: Measure the volume of carbon dioxide in the syringe after an hour.

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