Summative Practice (Question 1 & 2) – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 12

Question 1:
Photograph 1 shows a nuclear power station in a certain country.

(a) Name two countries that are major users of nuclear energy.
(b) Based on your answer in question 1(a), what is the use of nuclear energy in those countries?
(c) State two advantages of nuclear energy sources.

France, Slovakia

• France uses nuclear energy to generate electricity to a large part of the country.

• Slovakia generates income by supplying electricity generated from power stations to neighbouring countries.

• Can produce huge amounts of energy compared to other energy sources

• Release very little greenhouse gases compared to other energy sources

• Low maintenance cost indirectly strengthens national economy
(any two)

Question 2:
Figure 1 shows a nuclear reaction.

(a) Name the nuclear reaction.
(b) Based on Figure 1, explain the nuclear reaction.
(c) What would happen if the reaction is not controlled properly?

Nuclear fission

Nuclear fission occurs when a low-velocity neutron bombards a heavy radioactive nucleus and causes the nucleus to split into two lighter and more stable nuclei together with the release of a lot of energy.

The rate of nuclear reaction would be too high and can cause explosion.

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