Summative Practice 10 (Question 1 & 2) – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 10

Question 1:
Photograph 1 shows two types of medical methods.

(a) What are the types of medical approaches of M and N?

(b) Give one health problem which can be treated using method M.

(c) Give three types of medicines used in method N and their respective uses.

(d) Method M is said to be used together with the method N under certain conditions.

Justify the use of method M together with method N and give one appropriate example.

Method M: Complementary medicine
Method N: Modern medicine

Follow-up treatment after the cancer treatment/ Weak muscle condition/ Poor blood circulation/ Reduce pressure and stress
(any one)

• Analgesic: used to reduce headaches, migraine and fever

• Antibiotics: used to treat diseases due to pathogen infections such as tuberculosis (TB) and syphilis

• Psychotherapeutic: used to treat mental illness such as depression and anxiety

Method M can reduce the side effects of medicine use in method N. Radiotherapy for example is a treatment for cancer.

Question 2:
Free radicals cause health problems among individuals.

(a) Describe how free radicals are formed.

(b) State two factors of free radical formation.

(c) Explain why free radicals are not a problem for some individuals but can cause health problems for others.

Free radicals are formed from oxidation process that happens in the body due to internal and external factors.

External factors such as sunlight, smoke from factories, cigarette smoke while internal factors are metabolism and inflammation

For most individuals, the free radicals formed naturally due to internal factors usually are stabilised by antioxidant substances from the food intake. For individuals who are exposed to external factors in excess such as cigarette smoke, factories smoke and radiation, many free radicals will be formed and cannot be stabilised by the antioxidant substances from food. This can cause health problems due to the presence of additional free radicals in the body.

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