Summative Practice 9 (Question 1 & 2) – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 9

Question 1:
Photograph 1 shows two objects.

(a) What is the type of alloy used to manufacture P and Q?

(b) Give two other uses of the alloy used to manufacture P and Q.

(c) Why is a bronze block stronger than a copper block?

(d) In your opinion, can the alloy which is used to make object P be used to build a ship? Explain your answer.

Object P: brass
Object Q: bronze

Alloy P: to make door knobs/to make decorative items/to make food containers

Alloy Q: to build sculptures/to build monuments/to make knives

A bronze block is stronger compared to a copper block due to the presence of foreign atoms in the bronze block. This will disrupt the orderly arrangement of the atom in the bronze block. When force is applied onto the bronze block, the layers of atoms have difficulty sliding over one another thus making it stronger.

Yes, it can.
Because alloy P is hard and resistant to corrosion making it suitable to be used. Besides that, alloy P will also make the body of the ship look better because alloy P is gold in colour.

Question 2:
Photograph 2 shows the laboratory apparatus made of glass.

(a) What type of glass is used to make the products above?

(b) How is the type of glass you stated in question 2(a) selected in the manufacture of the above products?

(c) Give examples of another type of glass that may be suitable in producing the above product. Explain your answer.

(d) Is the glass used to make the product above suitable to make drinking water containers to be used in restaurants? Justify your answer.

(a) Borosilicate glass

(b) Borosilicate glass has high resistance to heat and chemical substances.

(c) Fused silica glass It has high resistance to heat and is inert to chemicals.

(d) Yes, it is suitable It will not break easily when cold or hot water is placed in it.

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