Formative Practice 5.2 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 5

Question 1:
Explain the differences between the dominant allele and the recessive allele.

Dominant allele would show the characteristics that it controls and hides the effects of the recessive allele. The recessive allele would only show the characteristics it controls when the dominant allele is absent.

Question 2:
What are sex chromosomes?

Sex chromosomes are chromosomes that determine a person’s gender. Sex chromosomes consist of two types, X and Y.

Question 3:
What determines the gender of a child? Explain your answer.

The sex chromosomes of the father. If the sperm (22+X) fertilises the ovum (22+X), the gender of the child is female (44+XX).

If the sperm (22+Y) fertilises with the ovum (22+X), the gender of the child is male (44+XY).

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