Formative Practice 1.2 – Form 4 Science (KSSM) Chapter 1

Question 1:
Asri wants to dispose of concentrated hydrochloric acid with a pH value of 3 into a sink, but he is stopped by Selvi. Is Selvi’s action correct? Why?

Yes, because concentrated hydrochloric acid with a pH value of 3 will cause danger.

Question 2:
Tick (✓) for the substances that can be disposed of into a sink.

Distilled water (   ) Concentrated acid (   )    Radioactive substance (   )

Distilled water ( ✓ )
Concentrated acid ( )
Radioactive substance ( )

Question 3:
Explain briefly the disposal of carcasses.

The carcasses need to be wrapped in an absorbent material (tissue paper), carefully wrapped in a biohazard plastic bag and frozen. The container or bag needs to be stored in a cold temperature such as in the refrigerator or a freezer room until it is taken by the selected contractor.

Question 4:
What should be done if a thermometer breaks in the laboratory?

(i) Inform the teacher or the laboratory assistant immediately.

(ii) Make the spillage area a restricted zone.

(iii) Sprinkle some sulphur powder onto the spillage.

(iv) Call the Fire Department.

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