8.4.2 Satellite Communication (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1.1 shows three satellites used in a satellite communication system.

Diagram 1.1

(a) Name type of wave used in a satellite communication system. [1 mark]

(b) State two reasons why three satellites are needed in transmitting information. [2 marks]

(c) Diagram 1.2 shows two types of wave in a radio communication system.

Diagram 1.2

(i) Draw wave K in the box provided in diagram 1.2. [1 mark]
(ii) What is the process involved to produce wave K? [1 mark]
(iii) Name the equipment used in 1(c)(ii). [1 mark]

(a) Microwaves

  1. To provide communication services throughout the world.
  2. To form a communication network among all the earth satellite stations from all over the world.


(c)(ii) Modulation

(c)(iii) Modulator

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