4.9.5 Methods of Purifying Substances (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1.1 shows an experiment conducted in a science laboratory.

Diagram 1.1

(a) Name the process occurs in the conical flask in Diagram 1.1.

(b) Mark ( √ ) gas W released from the process in 1(a).

Diagram 1.2 shows distillation process of mixture K. Mixture K is the product in the conical flask from Diagram 1.1.

Diagram 1.2

(c) Observe the Liebig condenser in Diagram 1.2.
Water should enter at ……….. and come out at  ………….

(d)(i) Name the pure substance K.
(ii) State one use of substance K in food industry.
(iii) Mark ( √ ) the effect of excessive consumption of substance K on human health.



(c) Water should enter at …T… and come out at …S….

(d)(i) Ethanol

(d)(ii) K is used to produce ester which is used in food flavouring.


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