2.11.3 The Human Brain (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram below shows the structure of a human brain.

(a) Name the parts A and B in the boxes provided in the diagram using the following terms:

(b) State one function of B.

(c) What will happen to a person if area D is injured? What is the effect on man if part D is injured?

(d) Part C controls involuntary action.
Mark (\/) the action which is controlled by part C.


(b) Maintains balance and body posture

(c) Loss of memory


Question 2:
Diagram 1 shows the part of the human brain.

(a) Based on Diagram 1, name parts W and Y in the boxes provided using the following information.

(b) State the function of W and Y.
W: _____________________
Y:  _____________________

(c) What will happen to a person if area X is injured?

(d) In diagram 2, label Q to show the area that controls hearing.


(b) W: Control voluntary actions
   Y: Control involuntary actions

(c) The person will lose control of his muscular coordination and balance.


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