2.11.1 Human Nervous System (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows the structure of a neurone.

(a) Based on the diagram, mark (\/) the type of neurone in the box provided.

(b)(i) Name P.

(b)(ii) State two functions of P.

(c) Name Q.

(d) Diagram 2 shows the pathway of an impulse.

Mark (\/) the location of neurone in Diagram 2.



1. Receives impulse from other neurones.
2. Transmits impulses to the cell body via the dendron.

Effector or muscle fibres


Question 2:
Diagram 1 shows two types of neurones.

(a) Name the type of neurone shown in Diagram 1.
(i) Neurone P:__________

(ii) Neurone Q:__________

(b) Name the structure labelled X at neurone Q.

(c) What is the function of structure X?

(d) Fill in the boxes below with the correct neurone for the impulse pathway.

(a)(i) Neurone P: Sensory neurone
(a)(ii) Neurone Q: Motor neurone

X = axon

X transmits impulses from the cell body to an effector.
For example: A muscle or a gland.


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