4.7.4 The Oil Palm and Its Importance to National Development (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1.1 shows the process of latex coagulation.

(a)(i) State one example of chemical P?
(ii) State one characteristic of coagulated latex in Diagram 1.1.
(b) Chemical P in diagram 1.1 is replaced with chemical Q to prevent latex from coagulating.
State one example of chemical Q.
(c) Diagram 1.2 shows the process when natural rubber is heated with Sulphur to form rubber R.

  (i) Name process X.
  (ii) Name rubber R.
(d) Mark (\/) the object which is made of rubber R.

Methanoic acid


Ammonia solution

Vulcanization of rubber

Vulcanized rubber


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