6.4.1 Radioactive Substances (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows three radioactive radiations, P, Q and R.
(a) Name radioactive radiations P and R.
(b) State the charges of radioactive radiation P and Q.
(c) Name the substance that can stop the penetration of radioactive radiation R.
(d) Name the radioactive radiation which is used to kill cancer cells.

P: Alpha radiation
R: Gamma radiation

P: Positively charged
Q: Negatively charged

(c) Thick block of lead or concrete.

(d) Gamma radiation

Question 2:
Diagram 2 shows the use of a radioactive substance in food preservation.
(a) State the function of gamma radiation in this process.
(b) State two uses of gamma radiation other than food preservation.
(c) Name one material which can stop gamma radiation.
(d) State two dangerous effects of gamma radiation to human beings.

To kill microorganisms in the potatoes without changing their taste and appearance.

– To kill cancerous cells
– To control the thickness of paper or metal
– To kill or sterilize pests
(any two)

Lead which is a few centimetres thick

– Kills body cells
– Causes cancer
– Causes mutation
(any two)

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