4.9.4 Properties and Uses of Metals and Non-metals (Structured Questions)

Question 1:Diagram 1.1 and Diagram 1.2 show an experiment to study the heat conductivity between metal and non-metal.Table shows the time taken for the thumb-tack to fall after both rods are heated.(a) State one hypothesis for this experiment. [1 mark](b) State the variables in this experiment.   (i) Constant variable [1 mark]   (ii) Manipulated variable … Read more

4.5.2 Classification of Substances

4.5.2 Classification of Substances 1. Types of substances:   2. The physical properties of substances depend on (a)  types of particles they contain,    (b)  arrangement of the particles,    (c)  forces of attraction between the particles. Substances made of atoms (or Atomic substances) 1.   Atomic substances are substances that consist of only atoms. 2. … Read more