5.7.1 The Motion of Vehicles on Land (Structured Questions)

Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows the operational principle of a two stroke petrol engine.

Diagram 1

(a) Based on Diagram 1.1,
(i) name the stage of the stroke. [1 mark]
(ii) name substances T. [1 mark]
(iii) state the use of part W. [1 mark]

(b) Diagram 1.2 shows the stages in the operation of a four stroke petrol engine.

Diagram 2

Arrange the stroke stages in correct sequence in the boxes provided. [1 mark]

(c) Match the object with the type of engines. [2 marks]

(a)(i) Upward stroke

(a)(ii) Air

(a)(iii) Produces hot spark to ignite the mixture of fuel and air.



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